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Why you should invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized crypto currency based on the blockchain technology. Contrary to fiat currencies which devaluate every year as more and more are printed out, bitcoin on the contrary is limited and decentralized, meaning it does valuate and keeps increasing in value as more people and services adopt its usage. Bitcoin valued increased from $30 USD per coin back in 2010 up to over $9,000 in 2017. No other investment in history had such big return. Experts such as Mcafee, Bill gates and other respected Titans evaluate bitcoin to reach up to $500,000 USD per coin in the next 10 years. This is the fact that as bitcoin increases its value the US Dollar decreases more as result. Also as bitcoin market is at the time of this writing over 128 billion dollar (and it still in its infancy) it is estimated to reach over 1 trillion when it will become mainstream. One may think that it is too late to invest in bitcoin but that is a false idea. Bitcoin still a baby and although we cannot predict exactly it's future we can only by the data given today understand that it will grow way more than what the current date is now even taking into consideration any bubbles and fluctuations that will naturally occur during its development path. Based on that and on common sense of economical basic principles it is not far fetched to say that Bitcoin is a great opportunity and a great investment (if

No ID requirements and unlimited amounts...

We will not require your ID when placing an order to buy bitcoin with us since we will be buying it on your behalf via our business services directly from our suppliers. This is a way of making your purchase fast, private and smooth. You can also buy any unlimited amount you may wish starting at £100 minimum.

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